Here at MiRiDER, we’re passionate people with a keen interest in outdoor leisure. Our dream is to get people to fall back in love with cycling, making it fun and accessible for everyone; it’s at the heart of everything we do.

More Exercise, more fun, more memories…

We want to make it easier for people of all ages to enjoy more exercise, have more fun and create more memories. We’re a family-run business, located in the heart of Lancashire, where there’s a plethora of hills to ride up and down! We’re a diverse bunch, always looking for the next challenge.

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Affordable ebikes, without compromising on high quality and style

Being keen cyclists ourselves, we took a look at the eBike and scooter market, and saw the opportunity to provide affordable products, without compromising on high quality and style. Thus, the MiRiDER One was born! Designed with a focus on providing reassuring performance ride after ride, using a combination of advanced technology, superior style, and unbeatable quality, the MiRiDER One was carefully crafted to be the ultimate electric folding bike.

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Mark Higginson Snr – Managing Director

Mark is the founder and Managing Director of a group of several companies. Originally, Mark trained as a Forester for his early career, which gave him the practical skills to pursue a subsequent inventing career path. He formed his first company, Disklok UK Ltd, in 1993 and has since established companies in different industries, including Festive Lights Ltd and DRiBOX Ltd, all of which now enjoy business across the world. He is fortunate to work alongside his wife, Margaret, and four children, whose collaborative aims and ethics help to run the businesses to the highest possible standards.

Outside of work, Mark enjoys travelling and spending time with his grandchildren.

Matt Higginson – Sales Director

Matt is the eldest sibling and has seen all the businesses grow from being a young age. Since graduating university, he joined the company’s purchasing team and eventually managed all the factory ordering. He now enjoys a commercial sales director role across the whole group.

Outside of work, Matt manages to squeeze in competing for the Caterham 420R championship and has won several racing titles over recent years. The rest of his time is devoted to his young family.

Martin Higginson – Marketing Director

Martin entered the business group directly from school, with a passion for the emergence of ecommerce. Self-taught in basic web design, photo editing and photography, he quickly pushed the online offering to a more professional level and now heads up our entire marketing offering across all companies.

Outside of work, Martin is a keen mountain biker and motor racing fan.

Mark Higginson Jr – Purchasing Director

Mark is the youngest of the four children, but he is probably the most ambitious family member. Joining the family firm after graduating from Sports College, he initially took hold of the warehouse operation and added a level of professional organisation to all of the storage and distribution processes. He now looks after all factory ordering for Festive Lights Ltd and enjoys hunting down the next winning product.

Outside of work, Mark has taken up mountain biking, and has keen interests in motorsport and online stocks and shares. His Golden retriever Percy is also a regular visitor to the office and has starred in several marketing campaigns.

Stephen Alty – Company Manager

Stephen joined the family when he married Mark and Margaret’s only daughter, Michelle. He then joined the company after having been a secondary school PE teacher – a slightly radical career change, but one he’s never looked back on. Initially, his role was to build and manage our growing international DRiBOX brand and, more recently, he has taken over as the Manager for the entire group of companies.

Outside of work, Stephen also has a young family, but his main passion is football, specifically Liverpool, and he has also travelled Europe to watch several F1 races.

Martin Carrier – Active Partner

Martin is a lifelong family friend and is largely responsible for where we are today. With a successful background in retail and catering, it was his idea to look into the eBike market, having been an electric bike enthusiast himself for some time. After months of research, Martin has been heavily involved in product sourcing and testing, and will focus on consumer sales and bike assembly.

Outside of work, Martin enjoys fine dining and spending time with his grandchildren.