MiRiDER One 2021: The Best Rated Folding Ebike on BikeRadar

Our MiRiDER One 2021 has recently been rated as the best folding ebike according the BikeRadar magazine, receiving 4.5 / 5 stars, the highest rating given to any folding electric bike. It even beat off the competition coming in at more than double the price! Long-time cycling aficionado Warren Rossiter had previously reviewed the MiRiDER […]

4.5 Star Review of the 2021 MiRiDER One – One of Tech Advisor’s Highest Awarded ebike Ratings

In their recent review, Tech Advisor has awarded 4.5 stars to the new MiRiDER One (2021) model, one of the highest ratings for an ebike! Jim Martin was one of the first people to get his hands on the new model and he was not disappointed. “You’ll be hard-pushed to find a better, lighter model […]

Great Review From Tech Advisor for the MiRiDER One Folding Ebike

Another great review from Tech Advisor for the MiRiDER One 2020. Jim Martin put our bike through its paces looking at everything from ride-comfort, to ease-of-use and battery range. Jim was particularly impressed with the fact that when folded, it will fit in the boot of a hatchback car and won’t get in the way […]

Save a Third Off a New E-bike with Government Financial Incentive

As part of the UK government £2 billion investment into cycling and recreational fitness, they will be offering a financial incentive that could save a third off a new e-bike. New golden age of cycling The government have just unveiled their ambitious plan to bring “a new golden age of cycling” for the UK in […]

Real-World Review by Motor Boat & Yachting

Real-World Review by Motor Boat & Yachting

Popular YouTube channel Motor Boat & Yachting recently carried out a real-world review of the MiRiDER One 2020 to find out whether it could be their new best friend for exploring ashore. Jack Haines spent several weeks putting our bike through its paces looking at everything from ride-comfort, to ease-of-use and battery range. Throughout the […]

UK Government Set to Invest £2 Billion in Cycling

UK Government Invest £2 Billion Cycling - MiRiDER One 2020

With the UK government set to invest £2 billion in cycling and greener transport, there has never been a better time to start cycling. The Government Investment During the Covid-19 pandemic, millions of people have discovered cycling; whether that be for fitness or as a means of safe, socially-distanced transport. In response to this, the […]

MiRiDER One selected as One of the Best Folding E-Bikes of 2020

MiRiDER best folding e-bikes 2020

This month Ebike Tips selected the MiRiDER One for their best 7 folding e-bikes of 2020. This is great news for us following on from June’s spectacular review of our MiRiDER One 2020 by BIKERADAR. The MiRiDER One fought off some stiff competition in this booming sector of the e-bike market. As a result, our […]

MiRiDER ONE 2020 receives 4 star review from Ebike Tips

MiRiDER was created using knowledge and experience from a variety of trades and industries. This invaluable expertise has been instrumental in establishing an electric bike brand you can trust, and if you follow us on our social channels you will know that the MiRiDER ONE has been getting a lot of positive attention. To add […]

Folding electric bike MiRiDER to channel sales through independent shops

28 February, 2020 Mark Sutton Emerging on the scene with its debut model only very recently, folding electric bike label MiRiDER has made a fast impression on those with a trained eye on micro-mobility. Chris Keller-Jackson visits the firm’s UK assembly plant to learn more about this market newbie… It’s impressed on me from the very […]

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