MiRiDER One selected as One of the Best Folding E-Bikes of 2020

MiRiDER best folding e-bikes 2020

This month Ebike Tips selected the MiRiDER One for their best 7 folding e-bikes of 2020. This is great news for us following on from June’s spectacular review of our MiRiDER One 2020 by BIKERADAR.

MiRiDER best folding e-bikes 2020

The MiRiDER One fought off some stiff competition in this booming sector of the e-bike market. As a result, our unique e-bike proudly stands tall along-side folding-bike veterans Brompton and high-rollers Gocycle and Hummingbird.

Building on from Ebike Tips’ review of our e-bike, Richard Peace highlighted that it is an excellent choice for buzzing around the city. In addition, Richard was excited about what the future holds for MiRiDER, teasing about how we are planning on stepping the MiRiDER One up to the next level.

You can see which MiRiDER secrets Richard has been sharing in his ‘Best 7 folding e-bikes of 2020’ article here on the Ebike Tips website.

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