Folding Electric Bikes

Designed with a focus on providing reassuring performance ride after ride, the MiRiDER One model was carefully crafted to be the ultimate compact 16 inch folding electric bike. Using a combination of advanced technology, superior style, and uncompromising quality, this ebike is for everyone, everywhere; making it easier for people of all ages to enjoy more exercise, have more fun and create more memories.

There are two models available, the single gear MiRiDER One electric bike and the 3 geared MiRiDER One GB3 electric bike  

Love Cycling with Folding Electric Bikes from MiRiDER

Folding electric bikes are fast becoming the 'go to' bike for lots of people. Moving from larger, heavier, more expensive bikes in favour of a more fun and portable solution. Whether it is for commuting or cycling to work, taking away in the motorhome or weekend leisure rides - folding bikes are extremely versatile.   

Great uses for folding electric bikes

  • Due to the lightweight and compact nature of folding ebikes they can be easily placed in the boot of a car for day trips or weekend leisure rides.
  • Getting to work without the car or public transport is high on the agenda now and folding commuter ebikes provide a fast, fun and cheaper way to travel.
  • A motorhome and caravan owners must have accessory, fold up the bikes and take them on trips nationally or abroad. Leave the motorhome at the campsite and venture to the seaside or shops. Exploring even more places is made possible with up to 45 miles of electric assistance.  
  • Folding electric bikes help people that are recovering from injuries, joint problems or operations to get back out and about with a little help from the motor.

Let us answer some common folding electric and electric bike questions: 

Can you ride long distance on a folding electric bike?

Yes is the short answer. Folding bikes usually have smaller batteries than mountain ebikes for example. This is to keep the weight low but by weighing less actually means you can go surprisingly far on a folding bike.

Can I take my folding electric bike on a plane?

They cannot be taken on a plane due to the size of the lithium battery. Batteries exceeding 160 Watt hours (Wh) are not allowed to be carried on planes. Note: folding ebikes can be taken on a plane but without their battery which is an option but not an attractive one.

What is the weight limit for a folding electric bike?

A common maximum rider weight for folding electric bikes is around 100kg. The MiRiDER One can carry a rider up to 120kg thanks to its strong magnesium alloy frame.

Is the throttle legal on a electric bike in the UK?

Throttle (without pedalling) is only allowed up to 4mph. This is useful to help setting off on an incline or as a walk assist mode. A throttle switch can be used as a ‘boost’ function but the rider needs to be pedalling to activate this.  

How fast is a folding electric bike?

Folding electric bikes must comply with UK laws governing an EPAC (formally known as a Pedalec) is a type of power assisted bicycle equipped with one or more auxiliary propulsion motors. For a folding ebike to be legally ridden on UK roads, the motor must not exceed 250 watts and assisted up to 15.5mph. You can of course pedal beyond that speed but without electric assistance.

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