4 star review from BikeRadar

Last week we received an amazing review from Ebike Tips and this week we’ve received yet again another outstanding review of our MiRiDER One 2020.

Warren Rossiter from BikeRadar – an online company who pride themselves on delivering the world’s best cycling advice, says, “The MiRiDER One is an excellent option if you want to mix up your commute with a convenient e-assist bike.”


On his recent spin of the MiRiDER One, Warren had nothing but highly positive things to say about the bike, even going as far as to say, “The MiRiDER One is arguably very hard to beat.”

You can read the full in-depth write up from Warren here on the BikeRadar website.

He goes into detail about the MiRiDER frame, the powerboost gearing; from the range and handling of the bike all the way through to how to fold the bike and how he found the overall experience.

All things considered, he says, the MiRiDER One is a bike that marries its funky looks with a fun, yet practical, ride.



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