MiRiDER ONE 2020 receives 4 star review from Ebike Tips

MiRiDER was created using knowledge and experience from a variety of trades and industries. This invaluable expertise has been instrumental in establishing an electric bike brand you can trust, and if you follow us on our social channels you will know that the MiRiDER ONE has been getting a lot of positive attention.

To add to this, we have received an awesome review from Ebike Tips; a brand dedicated to producing the best coverage of electric bikes in the UK, and we were thrilled to find out just how much they loved the MiRiDER ONE!


Dave Atkinson, from eBike Tips, gave the MiRiDER an overall amazing four stars out of five and comments on how stable and comfortable the bike is for such a compact and easy folding size.


Dave mentions how this bike is the perfect addition for any commuter, adding, “The compact size and manoeuvrability make it ideal for weaving in and out of traffic. This is truly a unique mixture of materials, design and components, but it produces a very compact e-bike that folds into an even more compact 67cm x 66cm x 43cm size”


You can read the full write up from Dave here on the eBike Tips website.


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