Abus Cable Coil Lock 5510C, 1.8m


An extremely practical, universal lock perfect for securing your MiRiDER quickly and easily. Light enough to carry along with you and long enough to secure your bike to any secure structure.

The Abus name is synonymous with high security and this coil cable lock is perfect for short lockups such as nipping into the shops or leaving your bike secure whilst grabbing a coffee. For convenience, the lock combination can be set to any 4 digit code you prefer so there is less chance of you forgetting it and no worry of losing keys!


  • 10 mm thick, high-quality and super flexible spiral 1.8m cable
  • Plastic coating to prevent damage to the bicycle’s paintwork
  • Dark-touch function facilitates use in the dark thanks to special imprinting
  • Two-component number reels ensure long-term readability of the digits
  • Individually configurable code
  • Snap Cage bracket included for universal mounting to your bike

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