LIVALL Smart Cycle Helmet C20 Blue – Medium 54-58CM


The new C20 represents a quantum leap forward in safety and protection for commuters whose focus is getting from A-to-B. The C20 is a robust, waterproof and fashionable smart helmet that is simple-to-use, comfortable, and packed full of genuinely useful smart tech.

  • Sizing Medium (54-58CM)
  • Colour: Ocean Blue
  • Patented built in SOS Alert system – only when helmet connected to LIVALL Riding App.
  • Quick flashing light, tidal  light.
  • Adaptive light.
  • Brake light.
  • Auto-power on/off
  • Magnetic recharge cable.
  • 7 LED Lights.
  • IPX4 Waterproof.
  • Battery endurance 36 hours. Approx 3 hours Charging time.

find larger size here (link).

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